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Peace of mind
Our cleaning procedures

Accommodations, main building and common spaces
· After each stay, each room is disinfected with commercial sanitizing products.
· In certain cases, a 24-hour break is applied before booking. No cleaning is done in occupied accommodations.
· All other spaces and frequently touched areas are disinfected many times during the day.
· Sanitizers are placed at the disposal of guests in certain areas where they could want to ensure sanitization before use.
· The air exchanger in the building ensures that no air is re-circulated between rooms or other spaces. For each room and space, the "old" air goes out and "new" air comes in independently.
· All laundry is done by a commercial dry-cleaner.

· The recipes and the menu have been arranged in such a way that the finishing, in particular of all the main dishes, is done in the oven in order to avoid any contamination.
· For the same reasons, breakfasts are mainly made up of packaged single portions.

Outdoor hot tubs
· Water is purified with salt-generated chlorine, an effective disinfectant. Our water quality is controlled minute by minute by a computerized system which tests and adjusts water instantly to keep it constantly within recommended levels. Our system is so powerful that it takes only 20 minutes to renew (sanitize and filter) the whole content of each spa.

Massages and care
· Between each massage, massage rooms are completely sanitized
· Duo massages or face treatments are not available.

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