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Ecological Vision
An Ecological Spa
  • Spas, sanitary water and our floors are heated using the latest and most efficient carbon-neutral technologies (solar thermal energy - wood gasification at 50% each). Carbon emissions are reduced by about 38 tonnes per year, equivalent to removing nearly 10 cars off the road.
  • Nature is doing the heating ;-)
  • Salt is used in the treatment of the water in our spas: natural disinfectant, salt does not cause allergies, does not irritate the eyes, does not discolor hair or garments and leaves the skin feeling smooth.

  • The architecture contributes to the heating and cooling of our complex.

  • Building materials were selected based on ecological criteria. For example, our cedar siding from Quebec was treated with an all-natural resin.

  • Grading and landscaping has been made in respect of the original configuration of the land and the natural flora of the Laurentians.

  • We offer a range of treatments and organic products that have received the most demanding certification.

  • Meals are prepared, as much as can be, from organic food from our garden or local producers.

  • Recycling is a fundamental part of our vision.

  • Eco Spa Highland has been recognized as a Green Leader by TripAdvisor and was awarded a gold medal.