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Reservation required for all activities.

Courses and Workshops
Learn self-massage
45.00 $
Massage helps to keep us healthy. It is quite natural to rub the head, leg or shoulder when in pain. Self-massage is a simple solution to relieve small tensions of everyday life ...
On reservation (60 min.)
Introduction to Swedish massage in trio
44.50 $
With the person who accompanies you and your massage therapist, live this enriching experience. In a friendly and respectful atmosphere, learn and practice a few manoeuvres of Swedish massage. For pleasure and well-being of your being...
(price per person)
On reservation. (60 min.)
Thermal Eves
Discover the wild mushrooms of the Laurentians
29.00 $
During a walk in the forest with an "enlightened" guide, discover the world of wild mushrooms: observation, identification, and if we are lucky, picking and tasting ...
On reservation (120 min.)
Let's meet in the garden
19.00 $
A walk to discover the garden! Introduction to Gardening according to some principles of permaculture: a simple and smart way to work with nature. And if you feel like it, put your hands in the earth, let's reconnect! An unforgettable sensory experience...
On reservation (90 min.)

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